Last weekend Christine “Chi-Chi" Balatero completed her first Spartan Trifecta series in Monterey, CA. By any fitness standard this series is an accomplishment. It took her over 6 hours to complete the 13 mile course. To put that in perspective it took Jan around 4.25 hours to complete his marathon. As inspiring as Christine is we also had the chance to interview her to find out what motivates her, her thoughts on the series and any tips!


1. How did you afford these races?

     For most of my races, I’ve actually been volunteering to race for free.  It’s a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you and to be apart of the Spartan Team.


2. What got you interested?

     The obstacles are what intrigued me to race.  Throwing in all these different challenges is what kept my mind engaged.

3. What did you do to prepare for the race?

     I’ve been lifting weights mostly 4-5 times a week, with cardio also added to my work out.  I tried to increase the weight every week to push myself, and it really helped me get through my obstacles!


4. What motivates you?

     My motivation during the questionable moments of my race is my boyfriend. When I’m struggling in the middle of an obstacle and about to quit, hearing his motivational words always motivates me to finish strong.  I also want to be a strong role model to anyone that doesn’t feel like they can do this.  I want to show that anything is possible and we can do anything that we set our minds to.


5. Any tips?

     Believe in yourself and never give up.  The hardest part is registering for the race.  Once you’re registered it gives you a goal to train and push yourself to limits that you think you could’ve never done.

6. How long have you been racing?

     I’ve been racing for a year now, and it has definitely become a lifestyle.  I just want to keep training and pushing myself to do better in every race.


7. What was the toughest obstacle for you?

     The toughest obstacle for me was carrying a bucket full of sand/mud that was probably weighing about 70-80 lbs and having to carry it up a steep inclined hill then back down the hill.

8. Who is one of your favorite athletes?

     One of my favorite athletes is Kacy Catanzaro from American Ninja Warrior and Alpha Warrior.  I always got discouraged to do things because how small and short I am, but Kacy being shorter and smaller than me and completing all these hard challenges inspires me that I can do it as well.


 Congratulations Christine! You definitely earned it!!!

This is very true. If you are busting your ass off in the gym and you expect results with a horrible diet I feel bad for you. Nutrition is more than half the battle in my opinion.

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Here is one of the wolves in our upcoming series of motivational transformations! This one is for the ladies and remember don’t be afraid to lift heavy. The stereotype of lifting weights is such a detrimental factor in your fitness game. Some positive attributes on lifting weights is an increased metabolism and stronger, denser bones which will help fight osteoporosis. 

The best part about being fit and active is that when you are feeling down or insecure you can always remember a time you pushed yourself physically and mentally. Remembering your past milestones is a great way to push past the fear and doubt allowing you to continue on your quest for greatness. 

The Wolves latest EDC After Movie, “Electric Summer Nights” directed by <Shaungg We hope you enjoy. 

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